Work & research

This section covers what I have done in my research and in my working life so far. You can see this as my extended CV.

My Mission

My great interest in work & research is to learn more about how people think. For the past years I have been diving into the world of esports & video game streaming, figuring out what motivates people to watch, follow and spend money on these new forms of media.


The past three years I’ve worked as a project manager & researcher in three Finnish universities. Before this, I worked as a web developer and as a content producer for a game strategy site.

For a more detailed look at my work experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.


During the past years, I have authored seven peer-reviewed scientific publications. A number of additional papers are currently under review. You can check out my publications on ResearchGate & Google Scholar.

Below are some of the highlights:

Hamari, J., & Sjöblom, M. (2017). What is eSports and why do people watch it? Internet research27(2), 211-232.

Read the paper here

We received the Emerald Literati Award for this paper, which was the most read paper in the journal during 2017. This paper on esports is currently the 2nd most cited paper for the search “esports” on Google Scholar, with currently 168 citations in just two years and over 9400 reads on ResearchGate.

Sjöblom, M., & Hamari, J. (2017). Why do people watch others play video games? An empirical study on the motivations of Twitch users. Computers in Human Behavior75, 985-996.

Read the paper here

This study is also among the top 3 most cited papers on Twitch streaming, with 91 citations currently and over 7600 reads on ResearchGate.


I am currently finishing my doctoral degree at Aalto University, and expect to have my degree in the spring of 2019. My PhD looks at the emerging phenomena of watching other people play games, and why people watch. This ties closely into both esports, video game streaming & YouTube culture, all hot topics within modern day media.

I wrote my Master’s thesis on the topic “Watching other play: a uses and gratifications approach to video game streaming motives”. This thesis was chosen as “Thesis of the year 2015” by the Finnish Games Research Association.

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree with distinction in 2013, and wrote my Thesis on “Revenue Models in E-Sports, Case: Starcraft 2”.