Interests & hobbies

This section is dedicated to the things I do in my spare time. I have several hobbies that are very important to me, and I have learned immensely from these.


I’ve been doing CrossFit as my primary sport for many years. Compared to other forms of exercise & sports I’ve done previously, CrossFit is the first sport that I actively enjoy and want to do daily. The fact that there are always new skills to learn and new areas to improve means that many of the things I enjoy in games I can also enjoy in physical exercise.

Magic: the Gathering

For close to eighteen years now I’ve been playing a card game called Magic: The Gathering. For several years I was the top ranked player in Finland. Here are some of my accomplishments within the game.

  • 5th at Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011
  • Finnish National Champion 2006, 2012 & 2013
  • 3rd at Team World Championships 2006
  • 17th at World Championships 2011
  • 5th at Grand Prix Ghent 2012
  • Career winnings roughly $25000

It’s hard to say how much Magic has taught me throughout the years, as it has been such a huge part of my life. I like to think that it has greatly enhanced my ability of strategic thinking, problem solving, planning, psychology and paying attention to details. Magic has also taught me a lot about team work and social interaction. Having played on the highest level of competition, I’ve also learned to cope under pressure and to stay cool when things get hectic. As high level competitive Magic often consists of trying to “break the format”, I’ve learned a lot about game design, iterative processes, prototyping and balancing.
My language skills have also greatly improved, having communicated with people from many different cultures through the years. I’ve also gotten to visit such exquisite locations as Hawaii, San Fransisco, Seattle, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and many more during my game related travels.

I have worked as a freelance content producer for Gathering Magic for a period of three years, writing a biweekly column about strategy and competitive play.


Besides playing card games, I’ve been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. I feel that gaming has taught me a lot about strategic thinking. Having played games for so long, I also feel that I have a good understanding of what goes into successful games and how the game industry operates. My interest in games have also spread to my education & career, as I’ve studied games in my Bachelor’s Thesis, Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation. At this point, I am one of the leading academic experts on esports & video game streaming.


I’m a big music lover. I not only listen to music, but make music myself as well. I’ve been producing music for roughly ten years now, and I’ve also been playing records as a DJ for approximately the same time. You can find much of the music I have made on my SoundCloud. I think my hobbies within music have developed my creative side a lot, as well as giving me very good skills when it comes to audio engineering and music production. I’ve also played for fully packed night clubs with hundreds of guests, so I do not get nervous when it comes to public performing.


I greatly enjoy travelling, and luckily I have had the chance to do quite a lot of it during recent years. I feel that travelling helps you develop many important skills, as you have to get along with people from different cultures. You also often bump into unexpected problems when travelling, so it also develops your on-your-feet problem solving skills.
While travelling, I like to carry my camera with me, and I also do a bit of photography while at home in Finland.